“I have been working with Jamie for the last three months. My whole exercise paridigm has changed during this short time. I have learned so much. She has been patient, kind, understanding and deligent in her teaching, but also persistent and challenging. Every week Jamie presents me with a different challenge, mixing my routine so that it is never dull and always a challenge. You will never find me in a self improvement magazine (too old, too ugly) but I have seen significant results in a very short period of time. I probably am the client from hell because I want to know every bit of detail behind each exercise. I am especially interested in what motivates Jamie to make adjustments in my program. Jamie has gracefully and comprehensively answered everyone of my questions. She has my complete trust. Most importantly, Jamie and I share a lot of laughs during our workouts.”

– Rick White (Lexington, MA)

“I worked with Jamie for several months and appreciated how knowledgeable she is. I did a great deal of research and interviewed several trainers before selecting Jamie. Unlike some trainers that have little understanding of physiology and nutrition, Jamie holds a degree and understands how to apply that knowledge in practice. Also, this is Jamie’s business; this isn’t a side job just to pick up some extra cash. She is highly committed to helping people succeed.

Jamie was patient with my old self and provided just the right balance of nurturing and pushing. I highly recommend Jamie.”

-Mary Jayne Fay

“Jamie is outstanding, and I would recommend her to anyone looking to get in shape for the first time or add variety to their workout. I worked out with Jamie for 6 months before my wedding in 2012. She created a customized plan for me (and my dress!) and helped me to supplement the cardio I did when I wasn’t working out with her. She is knowledgable in the field and has a wonderful studio in her home. It was nice being able to work out in a private environment instead of a packed gym. Not to mention Jamie is an incredibly kind and generous person, and I always wished I had more than an hour a week to work with her! She’s very flexible and was always willing to find a time for me, even with my busy schedule. I also never felt rushed during a session. She always made me feel like there was plenty of time to work with me, and she was never rushing off to the next thing/client. She really is a joy to work with!

Now the details – in just 6 months I was able to lose almost 20 pounds and significantly decrease my body fat. I also managed to feel much better about the way I looked and felt in general. Go work with Jamie – you wont regret it!”

– Laura Farmer

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